Why Women are behind Men as Online Sellers

Why Women are behind Men as Online Sellers

Women are behind Men as Online Sellers

Why Women are behind Men as Online Sellers

We all know what is Online market nowadays. In last few years this market has seen an enormous growth. Internet is inundated with all kinds of Online market portals dealing in various essentials for sale. Today almost all of us have an account in the Online Portals of our likes. Albeit it took Indians a bit of long time to come forth as sellers in these Portals. In this write up I would highlight some points which explain why Women are behind Men as Online Sellers.

Women are behind Men as Online Sellers

A lack of knowledge can be blamed for that. However, these portals themselves created the awareness to increase numbers of sellers in their respective marketplaces. Here, I would like to draw your attention towards the fact that the majority of Online signed up sellers are only men. Open any site and check out the seller details and male sellers are ruling that field too. That led me think again about women empowerment and how they are playing pioneer in various fields. Then also the question remains why women are behind men as online sellers?

Prima facie Factor why women are behind men as online sellers

As I mentioned earlier that lack of awareness hindered the way to become an online seller for both genders. So we can assume that this lack of knowledge is the prime factor that inhibited their way to become online seller. They can surf the net, they can be popular in social media but they do not have proper idea about how to become an online seller. So they do not bother about it and limit their sales to their region only.

Second Factor: The fear of getting conned

Women are behind Men as Online Sellers

Apparently they and their families’ lack of faith in their ability to earn money without getting cheated is Second important factor. These people think of Online Marketplace a giant which can engulf their product without paying off. What if somebody takes product but do not make payment? This doubtful nature and lacking in taking risk (There is rarely any) explains why women are behind men as online sellers.

Third Factor: Not having proper documents in their own names

Thirdly, most women entrepreneur do not have Trade licence and other required documents to show. Their again their being less expert in these matters emerges as vital reason. To add to the owes many of them sell physically in shop that are legally owned by a male member of their family. In physical world most shops are owned by men and their women counterparts have been selling their products mostly from home or through chain based retail selling. It took them to be much qualified as a seller to own a shop in their name.

Fourth Factor: Selling through Social Sites is easy

Most products we see on Social Sites come largely from women sellers. It cost costs nothing and they just need to post their product pictures. The rest will be dealt through personal messages and mobile conversation. However, in no way this can be called convenient enough. After all a person who is buying from you may not be honest enough to pay you after getting the product. Or, if a seller takes advance and then promise to send the product, the buyer will be in suspicion. So better if your acquaintances buy the products you sell.

Here, this also limits your  sale because people from other cities are less likely to buy anything. So, no other way than being satisfied with limited sales.

Conclusive Factor: Assuming they do not have Bulk of Products or Capital to buy Bulk to sell online

On the basis of market survey held by Glimmerra.com most of women think they do not qualify for the online selling. Many of them replied that their product range is limited hence they can’t approach a marketplace because they will be refused. Many of them are satisfied with their sale through exhibitions and chain (individual) selling falsely assuming that online selling requires a huge capital to buy a large number of products.

How Glimmerra is going to change the trend of men as predominating online sellers?

The news is off the shore now as Glimmerra.com has come up with a unique concept in online selling. We know there are many marketplaces that sell products especially made for women. Of course, they are great shoppers! However, Glimmerra.com is going to introduce their site in which all the sellers will be “Females”! At Glimmerra all can buy but only women sellers can register.

The Way Glimmerra conceived this Concept.

Women are behind Men as Online Sellers

After pondering a lot Why women are behind men as online seller, Glimmerra decided to challenge the fact. They are coming with this peculiar concept to fulfill all women’s dream of becoming an online seller. Furthermore, Glimmerra is approaching the interested sellers  to create awareness about the non complicated procedures of enrollment. Moreover, the participation doesn’t cause you shedding any money.

Can you sell both in Bulk and Retail?

Absolutely Yes! You can find Glimmerra as a registered seller in both categories. Even after this new Concept introduction it welcomes both kinds of sellers for their convenience.

What is the procedure to become seller at Glimmerra.com?

We have given the detailed summary of the procedure in our previous write up. However, for those who have missed it, please go through below mentioned points:-

For those who have their “Brand” registered will require submitting the followings:

  1. The interested seller must have a registered establishment
  2. Your products must have an MRP  and this should be same everywhere i.e., wherever your products are available.
  3. You may have different sale price but MRP should be same for everywhere.
  4. We will do the billing in our name if you “do not have” GST in your name. Provide the copy of GST Certificate if it is to be in your name.
  5. In case you don’t have Current account Glimmerra can accept Saving Account details as well.
  6. If you are selling under a Brand then we need the Brand approval letter along with TM

Procedure and requirements if a Seller does not have Above mentioned Documents

Now, what if a seller does not have any or all of the above documents? What if a seller buys local products and sells them physically by exhibition, door to door or sells from home? Or what if a seller has kept bulk products in his warehouse and faces difficulties selling them out?

The process of selling will be as follows for those who do not have GST, Brand and TM done:

  1. First of all a seller need to reach us through any of these: glimmerra.com, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.
  2. He or she will have to upload the photographs of his / her product in Dropbox and send us the link through a excel sheet provided by us by mail. We shall upload the photographs to our website. ( For further assistance seller can contact us on # +918599971688)
  3. We will keep seller’s product under specific category.
  4. We shall assign one seller for a particular category of a product.
  5. Since GST is in the name of Glimmerra, the bill and brand will bear its name only.
Conclusion: Now no one can ask Why women are behind men as online seller?

Soon the day will be approaching when women predominance in online marketplace as sellers will prevail. With the introduction of Female sellers based Marketplace Glimmerra has taken a small initiative towards women empowerment . Nevertheless, many small steps make one pass a long journey. One small step taken by you can become a victorious achievement. So, what are all the aspiring women waiting for? Grab the opportunity and make your dream come true!

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