Trend changes Style stays Forever

Trend changes Style stays Forever

Trend changes Style is Forever

Trend changes Style stays Forever

I am not an expert to put my points forward regarding current trend or say fashion. Yet I dared to write this blog about Trend changes Style stays Forever, out of a sudden curiosity that shook me from inside a few days back. I have never been a fashion diva albeit stand apart among the crowd because I have always found from my own experience that “Trend changes Style stays Forever”.

Trend can be outdated style seldom

Trend changes Style stays Forever

Trend changes

That was the reason during last month’s function I picked one of my favorite dress from my wardrobe.  I love to wear that one and most importantly I feel comfortable in the same.  To my utter surprise all my friends were in latest collections marketed by different boutiques or even celebrities. They are friends alright; they have every right to correct you if you go wrong at something. The same case happened to me when many of them not only reproached me for wearing an “Outdated” dress but also suggested some good outfits to suit the ongoing event. For a few minutes I felt embarrassed though but soon when I received compliments from some people on how good I infused my own style with so called OUTDATED(as my friends called it) dress, my belief got stronger that “trend changes style stays forever”.

Needless to say most of my pals were praised for the expensive designer outfits while I fetched the same without shedding that much. Lol!


Trends must be followed only if you must

I must apologize to those who suggested me good fashion tips. In this blog I never mean to state that being up to date with latest trend is a bad thing. Let’s know that a fashion or trend changes gradually according to certain points like weather, place, or even the tradition of a particular area or country. So you can not pick up anything what you have seen in a recent movie or your favorite celebrity in it. For example, if skinny jeans are in trend now not everybody will slip into it and manage to look leggy beauty because many women have bulky butts with fat thighs.

Fashion makes sense only if adapted in right way

So, should they wear what makes them a butt of joke? However, I insist they must chose the right way to wear those skinny bottom wear. They can really hide those extra pounds by covering their huge butts with long tops that will not only create an illusion of slim figure but will also bring elegance in the total attire.


In the above statement I showed how you can wear something in trend despite being unsuitable for it. We call it style. A style is the way you carry a certain fashion at any given point of time or place. On the other hand a trend is a gradual change that goes on rotating and recreating itself depending on the occasion, place and time. Everybody wants to be called trendy and has every right to it. However, how many of us believe in throwing our existing clothes every year and replenish our wardrobe with new and trendy clothes? Not many..I guess.

Well, something old is got to be sacrificed for the sake of new sometimes. This is the fashion if we look everywhere in entertainment world. These people are bound to wear whatever is designed by high profile designers to keep pace with national and international fashion trends. Yet there are many legendary people whom we admire from heart. These people do not follow fashion yet known for being out of the crowd by creating their own style and fashion sense. They rarely have anything to do with latest trends because “Trend changes Style stays Forever”.


Trend is obviously as necessary as taking breath for certain class/industry people. That is why many of our sophisticated people always shop from the high end boutiques to meet the same criteria. They cant afford to fall in the category of “old fashioned” people. However, with the advance technologies and easy access to all current information we all know what is today’s trend. We know everything from stock market to fashion or cinema industry (the main source of current fashion ). With this advancement market has been saturated with all trendy designs of clothes mimicking all those high end counterparts.

Who should really follow trend as Trend changes Style stays Forever

Therefore, now everyone can buy them from costliest to cheapest outlet. But one truth remains same that those fashionistas have to replenish their wardrobe every coming week. After all, they can’t repeat today’s outfit in later date to be a trend setter. Fashion police are always watching them. So thankfully we can at least escape that criticism of repeating same dress. But we are not them. Are we?

What should we Follow as Trend changes Style stays Forever

I keep buying clothes whenever I feel like. My hubby keeps complaining for having no space vacant for his look alike shirts, T-shirts and trousers. I have bought many trendy clothes too. Alas! Many of them really give me complex when I look into mirror! So I decided to give my not so trendy clothes a unique shot. I revive those ordinary tops with new creativity like wrapping a stole in a tie manner or so on. The same I do with those trendy wears and wear them with different style of my own. In this way I keep my style up to date by recreating all clothes in my wardrobe and that is what make me stand unique in the crowd. Trend changes Style stays Forever..

Trend changes Style stays Forever

Style stays Forever

Be a Style Icon not a Fashion Follower

Finally, I would like to request all fashion blind people not to blindly follow a fashion and buy anything which is in trend. That will certainly make you fashionable but have you ever thought how people will compliment you? They are sure to praise you but will not forget to mention where they have already seen that dress or in which media platform. That simply means that your fashion is not your own creation but a copy of someone else. I do not ask you to be behind the trend but would not it be better that you must carry yourself with a difference in anything you wear? That will be your own style creating a new trend for others that’s the reason I say Trend changes Style stays Forever.

Try it once and after few days you will see at least few persons imitating your way of dressing. To conclude I would again insist on do not blindly follow fashion but adapt any fashion. Wear every old or new cloth with your own style and suave. Be a trend setter not a follower because “Trend changes Style stays Forever”.


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