Glimmerra facilitates Bulk Selling Retail Selling

Glimmerra facilitates Bulk Selling Retail Selling

Glimmerra facilitates Bulk and Retail Selling

Glimmerra facilitates Bulk Selling Retail Selling

Friends, in my previous blog I tried to provide some vital information on how to increase online women fashion sales. However, in this blog I would try to clear my points elaborately with some additional information about the drawbacks a seller has to face while opting for selling be it online or physical. In this blog I will explain  how Glimmerra facilitates Bulk Selling Retail Selling. In no way I intend to tarnish the type a particular business. I would be facilitating my views on how to spread business with the help of online platforms.

Difficulties vs. facilities in Physical selling for small scale

We will first discuss about the sellers who have started small. A seller starts selling his stuffs physically through many ways. Some opt for exhibition while some start from home and sell through their references. Now a seller who goes for an exhibition has to pay a fee for the spot he has booked. On the other hand seller who sells from home has to fetch customers by contacting them or by passing the information about his home shop via neighbor or locality acquaintances. Here, this is not certain when any of the reference will visit, choose and finally buy a product. This seller will get some regular customers who will shop as per their requirement.

Likewise, there is no certainty that there will be huge footfall in the exhibition and the all visitors will buy from a particular exhibition stall. However, in both cases sale happens locally without spreading its wings to faraway places even in the same city.

Facilities and Drawbacks of Establishment/Shop/Boutique

By no mean I would emphasize that a establishing a shop/Boutique is a bad idea. It will never be. However, in today’s commercial world where all sellers are competing fiercely to each other, many establishments have seen a lower phase in sales at any given time. Moreover, a shop receives visitors who are regular but come as per their requirement. The rest and less percentage of selling comes from the customers who drop in while passing by. Some of these will return at some point of time and some of them may not. However, the brighter side is that being an owner of an establishment a seller does have capital to replenish the blank racks of sold products. Therefore, a boutique or shop does have the facility of sale every alternate day if not everyday.

The crucial factors is capital or say fund. Here too the sale occurs within a limited area of a city. The reason is no physical seller can be omnipresent.

Facilities and Drawbacks for small sellers

As I have already mentioned what is online sales and how to increase the same. Here, I have pointed out the setbacks and facilities of Shop, door to door and selling from home. In all the above mentioned business types fund and capital is the most crucial factor. Not every seller jumps in business with lot of capital. That is why I have started from small sellers and their drawbacks. That’s why small scale sellers have opted for online selling in recent years. Here also, competition is huge and flood of sellers are selling a single type of product. A particular product from a specific seller can be out of a

Glimmerra facilitates Bulk Selling Retail Selling

Explains about Physical & Online Bulk and Retail Selling and how differ from Glimmerra facilitates Bulk Selling Retail Selling

buyer’s sight. Not every single product in a single category is visible in front.

Here, the major part is played by marketing. A buyer needs to go inside the Online site and search a product as per his or her budget, choice and requirement. So, not every sellers product will turn up in a single scroll or search. In this case too Glimmerra facilitates Bulk Selling Retail Selling

Facilities and Drawbacks of Online Selling

As I mentioned above, it all depends on marketing of your product. There again a seller has to shed a lot of money to keep his product visible or keep it popping up. The less seller markets his product the more a buyer would have to work hard to reach that product. In this case sale is to surely get affected. Besides, a seller is bound to keep all taxation papers updated and ready before enrolling with an online market place.

So, what if somebody does not have all taxation papers or trade license! Anyone can sale on social media sites just by uploading the image of the products. Is not is seems easy? It is, really. However, I must remind you what mentioned earlier in this blog. The fact remains that selling through social media sites is a good option if a seller gets buyers from outside his or her circle. In that way this sale has also become restricted to a specific group or community. If somehow a demand comes from another part of the nation either buyer or seller will have to bear shipping charges apart from the product price. The same goes for local sale also.

The reason is that social media is not primarily meant for business. Therefore they do not have automated managed way to relate between a seller and a buyer. It is all personal. They contact each other through their post or by messages. After all, its social media site rather than a proper online marketplace!

How Glimmerra facilitates Bulk Selling Retail Selling irrespective of a seller’s background

As I have stated in my previous blog that Glimmerra is a market place for all sellers who deals in women fashion. Like all other market places a seller can join us with his Brand name and product. We will help selling other’s products under their Brand name if they submit proper documents like License and taxation papers. Glimmerra facilitates Bulk Selling Retail Selling welcomes both retail and bulk sellers.

For those who have their brand registered will require submitting the followings:

  1. The interested seller must have a registered establishment
  2. Your products must have an MRP  and this should be same everywhere i.e., wherever your products are available.
  3. You may have different sale price but MRP should be same for everywhere.
  4. We will do the billing in our name if you “do not have” GST in your name. Provide the copy of GST Certificate if it is to be in your name.
  5. A current account is preferred but savings account will also do but in case you don’t have one.
  6. If you are selling under a Brand then we need the Brand approval letter along with TM certificate.
    Glimmerra facilitates Bulk Selling Retail Selling

    Glimmerra covers all aspects of selling which facilitates small sellers. Image shows how Glimmerra facilitates Bulk Selling Retail Selling

Now, what if a seller does not have any or all of the above documents? What if a seller buys local products and sells them physically by exhibition, door to door or sells from home? Or what if a seller has kept bulk products in his warehouse and faces difficulties selling them out?

That is the purpose of writing this blog. To help spreading awareness about what these above sellers can do to increases their sales on an online marketplace with ease.

If any seller falls in the category mentioned above or lack proper document for any reason like not having proper guidance how to start own company under a brand (which really require a great deal of patient and knowledge). Glimmerra is the marketplace that provides new ways to sell your products online.

The process of selling will be as follows for those who do not have GST, Brand and TM done:

  1. First of all a seller need to reach us through any of these: glimmerra.com, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.
  2. He or she will have to upload the photographs of his / her product in Dropbox and send us the link through an excel sheet provided by us by mail. We shall upload the photographs to our website. ( For further assistance seller can contact us on # +918599971688)
  3. We will keep seller’s product under specific category.
  4. We shall assign one seller for a particular category of a product .
  5. Since GST is in the name of Glimmerra, the bill and brand will bear its name only.

Conclusion:how Glimmerra facilitates Bulk Selling Retail Selling

Finally, what Glimmerra has intended to do is to clear a seller’s way to vast online market. Here, it is noteworthy that Glimmerra deals in both retail and bulk selling. A seller can sell his product both in single piece and in bulk. However, for Bulk selling the seller should give us two separate prices for each product. Needless to say that retail price is always different from Bulk price. Moreover, in both cases the seller needs to provide us the procurement dates for the products. The rest will taken care by Glimmerra itself. So, we made it clear how Glimmerra facilitates Bulk Selling Retail Selling. Hope, this write-up has help both kind of sellers who wish to soar high in the sky of vast online marketplace. For further queries fell free to contact us here or login to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.





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