Festivals with Fashion

Festivals with Fashion

Festivals with Fashion

Festivals with Fashion

So guys, festive season has arrived after all. Weren’t we all waiting for the same? This is India and throughout the year we have in numerous festivals in different states having different cultures. In yesteryear’s a particular festival was celebrated by the same community it belonged to. However, with gradual advancement of modernism we all opened our minds and notion and accepted other cultures with our hands stretched. Some do it for sake of happiness, as a symbol of unity in adversity while many have adapted this trend due to fashion. Yes we have mixed traditions with fashion. We have been seeing festivals with fashion getting along throughout the centuries.

Festivals means shopping for most

Nevertheless, it is not only about culture embracing but we can also link it with fashion as well. How? Yes, it has something to do with fashion. Why do we all like every festival? Obviously most family members get something new as gifts apart from various sweet preparations. Kids are happy for both reasons; they get holidays, have fun, relish sweets and at last receive new clothes. Be it any festival, the commencement happens with shopping first. This is an age old tradition to buy new clothesFestivals with Fashion

for ourselves and for gifting relatives. And when it comes to clothing fashion will jump up automatically.

Examples of how Shopping overwhelms Festival with Fashion

No I do not intend to state that a Hindu celebrating Eid or a Muslim celebrating Diwali follows fashion of any kind. My intention here is to lightly indicate how all of us have become so materialistic that we celebrate a festival not just its sake. We do have a hidden desire of buying new things and clothes get priority in this list. If it seems unbelievable just open any newspaper, ransack any market or open any Online shopping site. Then please do come to me with a response where on earth the Festival in context goes away? If you differ to my notion. By the way it is only a notion not a fierce orthodox idea about hurting a particular community. It is just a jovial piece of writing which I jot down and I am certain that many people will belong to my thought.

Suppression of Festive Culture with Fashion

So girls and guys you have bought new lehenga choli and kafni payjamas with suitable uppers for upcoming Garba or Dandiya! That’s really great. Oh, you all have bought latest accessories that are in trend too! I do not think any of you people out there will agree to repeat the same dress which you wore 2 years back! Right? That is what relates this traditional event with fashion. Was this the mentality even 3 decades back? Rare, if it was there even. During old days fashion was an idea only belonged to Elite classes.

However, that was bad. All people have equal right to wear or follow what they like. With advancement of time vast majority started educating their offspring and hence they grew a sense of equality among themselves. It was at this time people started accepting other cultures and respecting their beliefs as I have mentioned in the beginning of this write up.

This magnificent amalgamation of various rich cultures in the shape of human being was a great transformation. And it was meant for respecting all human beliefs. But for the last few years most of youth were brainwashed by big marketing companies. A simple tradition of exchanging clothes as gifts had become a style matter. We are human being! We will not take any dress which we receive rather we would buy something trendy. Something which a celebrity wore in an event or movie!

How can we celebrate really a Festival with Fashion

Still you say I am being biased? Do not we all follow the same? Yes, we do. We all have converted ourselves as a blind fashion follower. No matter what the occasion is; Diwali or Navratri, we are all concerned about if he or she falls behind others in latest fashion trend. All want to be first to make a fashion statement of own. The Festivals with Fashion

happiness and zeal of any festival have fallen far behind. It is a derby of 2 legged creatures that are educated. If not mistaken how many of us celebrate festivals by taking blessings of our elders? Rather we would argue with them over the indecent or trendy attire we take up! How many of us “waste” some of our money to give even some sweets (let’s not talk about clothes) to those who are poor? Thankfully, some people are still there who do so.

Therefore, is it not logical that most of us do good deeds like what I wrote above and of any kind? I am not asking anyone to be a sage or being sacrificing. What I mean to write here is that we have got the opportunity that removed the defining line between common people and  Elite class. We got equality of rights. So how can we forget that there are some who are not equally blessed? Get up and help some of them at least instead of paying a high fee for the same thing you could have got in lesser price. But that is fashion and you have to buy from high end boutique or a high level Brand! No, what if all fashion judges will call you”Old Fashioned”?

Festival with Fashion or with all family enjoying together?

We have really brought drastic change in the way of celebrating a festival. Who is responsible for the drastic change? All members of civilized society. The main motive of all festivals is spreading happiness and be together as social being. It was not a fashion parade only. So why not being happy with our families sharing our happiness with them instead of keeping only ourselves happy? Do buy new clothes but do not spend blindly to “Follow” a trend. Be your own trend. And most importantly stop celebrating festival the way most youth do by going to parties. Do invite your friends over your place. Do not forget we should better celebrate festivals with those we love and family comes first.

Please do not follow my words rather give it a thought. The real sense of festival comes from being sharing and caring not from latest fashion trends. Wishing all my readers my heartiest good wishes for upcoming Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali with the hope that this write up is just a expression of views.

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